Autonomizacja techniki i niepożądane skutki eliminowania człowieka jako źródła błędów

Krzysztof Michalski


The article discusses selected social and ethical aspects of the dissemination of the intelligent autonomous systems, which result in the progressive elimination of human from technical processes. The first part presents the most important modern applications of autonomous systems in industry, transport and logistics, agriculture, safety engineering and services. Next, the current possibilities and limitations of the autonomy of machines and technical systems are overally assessed. The next two parts discuss, from the point of view of the theory of employment and the theory of security, the most important consequences of the autonomization of technology. In the fifth part, the most important ethical problems generated by autonomous technical systems are cataloged. In summary, the author outlines a vision of the future, in which people are not threatened with the processes of autonomization of technological systems themselves, but rather by reductionist concepts of man, misorienting these processes.

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